Serials Launch Parties

Product Launch Parties

A journey towards new
AC Banquet Hall for Product Launch Parties in South kolkata

Need your item to take over the market? Select us at Gharana Banquet and book the perfect area to launch your product. We are the ideal scene to have the most rich item launch party and you will have access to convenience, no matter what.

Movie Launch Parties

Silver Screen, Silver Setup
Best Banquet Hall in Kolkata for Movie Launch Parties

Launch your film in the most glamorous setting and a splendid banquet hall in Kolkata. At Gharana Banquet we will give you a scene fit for the cinema launch. Get in touch with us now and book your venue at the most moderate rates.

Serials Launch Parties

Small screen and Big Bash
Best Banquet Hall in Kolkata for Launch Parties

Present your serial to the grab the attention of the people – arrange your serial launch party at the splendid Gharana Banquet. We can give you a heavenly area, intricate stylistic layout, astounding lighting, and each of the other facilities you need. Reach us now!

Web Series Launch Parties

Catch the web at hand
Best Banquet Hall in Kolkata for Web Series Launch Parties

Launch your web series right here with us at Saptapadi Banquet. We can give you everything you need from podium, to lights, camera, action, and the whole shazam! Then why go anywhere else when you can launch with the best. Launch a web series at Gharana Banquet right here with us. We can give you all that you need from platform, to camera, lights, activity, and much more! So, do not look here and there and go anywhere else. Have the best web series launch with us.

App Launch Parties

From the app store to the mass
Best Banquet Hall in Kolkata for App Launch Parties

The app you created recently is amazing! So, do you want to launch it offline at Gharana Banquet through a party before releasing it on App Store and Google Play? So, make your jet of success take off a platform like our exquisite Banquet hall and host an effective party to network through word of mouth. Don’t wait to search for a place when you can book the best.

Business Launch Parties

Bringing businesses to the front
Best Banquet Hall in Kolkata for Business Launch Parties

Are you up for a new business? Then our grand venue Gharana Banquet is the best place to launch your business. You can arrange for an amazing launch party. If you want to let your peers know, make it a grand announcement about your upcoming venture. Do not worry about all the arrangements as we can accumulate everything in no time at quite affordable package options.

Product Launch Parties

Movie Launch Parties

Gharana Banquet is a fully decorative banquet hall which is perfect for launch parties of a product, movie or any other kind of launch at a prime location in the city